Stakeholder Consultation

Bunbury Energy has been actively implementing an industry best practice community consultation plan in regard to the exploration project area, which has involved more than 40 meetings to date with representatives from federal, state and local governments, industry groups, local business leaders, farmer groups and the local media. 

In this consultation process, we have been liaising directly through all stages of the consultation with the Department of Mines and Petroleum to keep them informed of progress.

The company’s goal throughout this process is to provide clear, effective information on the planned exploration activities to identified stakeholders and to engage in open dialogue by listening, recording and responding to issues where appropriate.

Bunbury Energy aims to:       

  • Engage with stakeholders early to so that their feedback can be properly considered during the planning and decision making process;
  • To inform the local stakeholders of planned exploration activities;
  • Work consultatively with the community and stakeholders during project activities so as to minimise intrusion and disruption; and
  • Create a record of consultation which captures information provided and stakeholder positions indicated.

An early milestone and marker of the stakeholder negotiation work being carried out by Bunbury Energy, is the successful negotiation of Native Title approval over the Petroleum Licence Area with the Gnaarla Karla Booja (GKB); South West Booja (SWB); and the Harris Family of the Noongar People.