Phase 1 Community INFORMATION

In the lead up to the initial aerial surveys, Bunbury Energy will undertake a public information campaign designed to inform the general public of the specific activity they can expect to see in their community.Local shires will be given full information and staff will be prepared to deal with any inquiries from the public. 

Bunbury Energy will also implement an easy-to-access, public inquiries and information mechanism to deal with any issues or concerns arising from the company’s activities.

The Company’s Phase 2 seismic survey, which is planned to take place in late 2019 year, subject to all approvals being in place will include:

  • Approximately 200km of 2D seismic data being acquired;
  • Four-week program, covering 10-15km per day;
  • The use of up to four vibrator trucks;
  • Detailed traffic management, not dissimilar to that used for fixing potholes; and
  • A corresponding public education campaign on seismic surveying.

On completion of the seismic data processing, the information will be interpreted and mapped by technical specialists at Bunbury Energy to facilitate the preparation of maps of the subsurface of the area and enable decisions to be taken on the location and type of future work to be considered in consultation with stakeholders.

Seismic surveying is a low-impact, non-invasive hydrocarbon exploration method, which uses sound waves to map what the rock formations look like below the surface.

A truck fitted with a specifically designed vibrating plate underneath will engage the surface of the road at regular intervals and transmit vibrations which are reflected depending on rock types and analysed at surface by geophones.

The geophones – comprising small cylinders 5-10cm in diameter – are strung together and laid along a predetermined and prepared path called a seismic line. Thin cables are used to transit the data from the geophones to a recoding vehicle on the road verge.The noise and vibration resulting from this process cannot be heard or felt from a distance greater than 15m.