About Onshore Gas

The Government of Western Australia’s policy settings encourage onshore gas exploration, as it represents a low risk, lower capital expenditure exploration model, where the benefits are more likely to stay within the State.

The Perth Basin already has a number of well-established, successfully operating conventional oil and gas projects, which are delivering regional economic benefits in an efficient and safe manner.

Bunbury Energy is implementing an exploration program targeting conventional onshore gas deposits in its EP496 Exploration Permit, with a view to supplying the domestic market with gas through any potential future development.

Bunbury Energy is a Conventional Gas company

Bunbury Energy is a Conventional Gas company


The Company is exploring for conventional gas deposits at a depth of 3000-4000m, where the geological setting allows gas to flow naturally through conventionally drilled wells without any requirement for hydraulic fracturing.

There are three types of rocks that require hydraulic fracturing to release hydrocarbons, being: shallow coals; rich black shales; and low permeability sandstones.

The prospective rocks in the Bunbury Energy permit area are sandstones, which are thought to be naturally porous and permeable, which is an aspect of the geology that results in the accumulation of conventional gas deposits and means hydraulic fracturing is neither required or suitable for extraction.