Bunbury Energy plans not affected by ALP position on fracking

Gas exploration company Bunbury Energy has confirmed today’s announcement by Labor (WA) would not impact their plans to conduct seismic studies in the south west.

Bunbury Energy Chief Executive Officer, Wal Muir said the company was only interested in identifying onshore, conventional gas in the area.

“We are focussed on evaluating the gas potential through a carefully planned and managed exploration program,” Mr Muir said.

“There is no proposal to develop a gas project in the region at present.

“The geology of the area which we are looking at does not lend itself to hydraulic fracturing.  It is not suitable for fracking and this is not part of our long term plan.”

Bunbury Energy is currently developing a proposal for a four-week, low-impact, non-invasive seismic study along existing public roadsides.  This is expected to occur during 2017.

The company is in the process of stakeholder and community consultation.