Local Participation

Bunbury Energy is enthusiastic about the opportunity to explore this previously unexplored region of Australia, given its analogue prospectivity with other geological settings in the immediate area known to contain gas.

Based on its extensive local consultation to date, the company believes many community and business leaders are satisfied with the low impact, phased approach Bunbury Energy is taking in regard to seeking approval for exploration within the permit area.

Bunbury Energy is also enthusiastic about the flow-on benefits to local employment and general economic stimulus as a result of the near-term exploration work, and some bigger picture thinking around what a local gas supply could deliver for other industries operating in the area if such a development was to prove commercially viable in the future.  

Bunbury Energy has engaged with:

  • Local shires;
  • Neighbouring shires;
  • Native Title holders or claimants;
  • Local Chamber of Commerce;
  • State Government elected members;
  • State Government agencies;
  • Federal Government elected members;
  • Community groups;
  • Farmer groups;
  • Local environment groups; and
  • Media.